Worship As Warfare

In Ephesians 6:10-18, Paul describes for us the armor of God, tells us to put it on, and exhorts us to stand firm in it against the principalities and powers of this present age. Recently this passage was read at one of our church prayer and worship services. As it was read, I could not help but apply the symbolism to worship. Continue reading →

Deal or No Deal

Back this fall is the hit television series “Deal or No Deal.” Have you seen it? Chances are if you’ve seen it once, you were likely to catch it again in your channel surfing. At least we were in our house.

The game works by the player choosing one briefcase out of 26. Each case has a dollar amount the player can win from $.01 to $1 million. There are several rounds where the player must choose a number of cases left in an effort to determine which dollar amount they have in their briefcase. At the end of each round the “banker” offers the player a dollar amount for their briefcase. Sometimes the player makes a good deal, sometimes they don’t. Continue reading →

Family Basics – Vision and Priorities

We all have visions in our lives, whether we know it or not. Do you need some examples?

I will do everything I can to get that next promotion. Your vision = the promotion
I need to work some overtime to help pay the bills again this month. Your vision = to pay the bills on time
I want to be a better dad than my dad was. Your vision = to be a better parent
Mom and Dad said I have to get a job before I can get a car. Your vision = to buy a car

We have visions for our kids. Continue reading →